Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is the cruise?
    90 minutes.


  2. How many people does it hold?
    60 passengers in summer 40-50 passengers in winter depending on the day. If it is really cold we will cap it off at no more than 40 passengers.


  3. How old is a child? 


  4. Are under 5’s free?


  5. How long before the cruise do we need to arrive?
    15 minutes before departure.


  6. Is there food available on board?
    Yes sandwiches and rolls but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Snacks include crisps, chocolate, and cookies which you must have cash to purchase.


  7. Will the cruise go ahead if the weather is bad?
    Yes we certainly do, what else is there to do on a inclement day? Sit back in the warm and relax with a drink.


  8. Is there a bar on board?
    Yes there is – cash is need to purchase.


  9. Where does the Million Dollar Cruise depart from?
    Right in the middle of the bay beside Perky’s Floating bar, in between the Yellow Jet boat K-Jet and the Orange Jet boat Go Orange.


  10. What do I need to bring on the cruise?
    A warm jacket, a camera or phone for photos and a smile.


  11. Do you provide disabled/Wheelchair access?
    No sorry the boat was built in 1975 and did not allow for wheelchairs.


  12. Where do we go?
    To the end of the lake down by our famous Remarkables – Frankton Arm.


  13. Where can we park? 
    You have 2 main options:-
    Man Street Car Park on Man Street – Click here for directions and 
    Wilson’s Car Park on Church street – Click here for directions.